About Anna


For as long as I can remember, I knew I wanted to be my own boss. I also knew I wanted to help people, but even as I studied medicine in college, I wondered if I was on the right road. 

In senior year, I bought a planner. Wanting to learn how to use it, I fell down a YouTube rabbit hole of stickers, washi tapes, and all things planning. Immersing myself in the planner community fueled my creative side and sparked a desire to build my own business. Two months after graduating with a degree in biology, I realized I’d found a new passion: to inspire women who come from humble beginnings to pave their own path. 

I couldn’t have imagined where this business would take me. The original name and logo were conceptualized with a friend during a late night brainstorming session at a local boba shop, and overlay tapes didn’t even exist yet. I started the business as Girl Boss Anna with a real DIY spirit, creating overlay tapes in order to allow customers to get multiple uses out of colorful tapes in a cost-effective and unique way.

In 2022 after years of growth, the business rebranded as Narrative Hues. Like our new logo and name suggest, telling our stories is a continuous process, and embracing new directions is a part of it. From the very beginning, it’s always been about more than overlay tapes; it’s about paving your path through color and creativity, in all the shades you choose.

Even as we evolve, I think of those inklings of inspiration scribbled on a napkin in that boba shop. Writing my dream down made it feel real—I hope our products do the same for your journey.

When you love the process of planning for the future, you create a future you love. 

About our logo

Look closely. Our logo is a rainbow but it also resembles a fingerprint. Drawn in one line, it represents a continuous journey of growth and its deeply unique nature. No two stories are alike, but all are creative works worth telling.

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