Look Up April 2022 Ink Collection
Look Up April 2022 Ink Collection
Look Up April 2022 Ink Collection
Look Up April 2022 Ink Collection
Look Up April 2022 Ink Collection
Look Up April 2022 Ink Collection

Look Up April 2022 Ink Collection

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It was evening. Where did the time go? I remember waking up this morning at 4am, dragging my feet into my day job, doing the work, going home to do more work for Girl Boss Anna, and then realizing that the sun had already set.

Sighing in exhaustion and frustration from not having a social life as of late, I looked up from my computer screen and saw the most beautiful cotton candy color painted sky. In awe and amazement I quickly grabbed a jacket and ran outside to try to capture the beauty I was witnessing, not even realizing that my slippers were on backwards. I had never seen a more beautiful sky since moving to this city about a year ago. When I looked closer, I saw that there was even a tiny half moon in it, which was the cherry on top for me.

‘I’m gonna make this into an Ink color palette,’ I thought to myself, ‘and I’m going to post this as a symbolic reminder to myself and my community.’ This is how the storytelling concept of my designs was bred. 

You may be feeling how I felt when I was in that place just a couple months ago. Exhausted, miserable, overworked, wanting a social life but not having the capacity for it, etc. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the everyday hustle, but when you need a reminder that things will eventually look up, look up.

I hope your beautiful sky reminds you that everything will be okay. I hope it makes you smile. I hope you’ll find comfort in knowing that you matter and make a difference in the grand scheme of life. Inspiration is everywhere, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Length: 10m
Height: 7mm
Perforation: 74.25in

Length: 10m
Height: 15mm
Perforation: 38.1mm

Length: 6m
Height: 15mm

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